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We believe healing can come from many

different sources & mean different things for everyone.

When we work with the physical, mental, & energetic bodies holistically, we can transform density into lightness

& create the changes we want to see in our lives.

Our vision is to offer different tools for you to feel supported as you navigate your own healing journey. 

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Email to enquire about more available times.

• Shamanic Healing
• Sound Journey

• Cacao Ceremony 

• Intuitive Card Reading

• Reiki

• Sacred Prenatal Massage

• Sacred Postpartum Massage (Closing bones & binding belly ritual)

• Womb Healing
• Ritual Bodywork Massage

• Liminal Energy-work

• Held in Grief Session 

• Breathwork

90min - $160

60min - $108

120min - $190

60min - $85

60min - $85

90min - $120

120min - $175

120min - $175

120min - $175

90min - $160

90min - $160

90min - $160

90min - $130

yoga vancouver lorena quintero



with Lorena Quintero


In this session, Lorena uses different elements such as breath-work, drum & rattle journeying, movement & other tools to enter an altered state of consciousness to clear & release density from the energetic body & the mind. 

Lorena is a full mesa carrier & shares the teachings of the Andean wisdom keepers, the Q'ero, as they were passed on to her.

She will co-create with you a sacred container so you can clear heavy energy & she'll use the tools that will best serve your healing journey.


The purpose of this session is to identify places of stagnancy in the body & mind & surrender to the world of sound & vibration to dissolve them. You'll journey inward into a deep meditative state that may promote relaxation & a peaceful connection to self. Lorena uses crystal bowls, chimes & other instruments to guide you in this full-body meditative experience to soothe the nervous system & clear the mind. *Optional Shamanic Journey


with Ananda Enns

The intention of this offering is to support the community in deepening awareness and aligning to greater clarity and trust, through a collaborative and spirit-guided exploration of the tarot, oracle cards + akashic records.

In this intimate space we will explore your questions, curiosities & desires through a sacred practice of listening and interpreting messages, symbols, numbers, colours, patterns + energy from the Divine.

Ananda is a deeply intuitive and grounded guide, whose unique gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and energy-sensitivity, assist her to channel with coherent grace and ease. Her readings are informed by her intrinsic interest in mysticism, art, a seasoned personal practice and a devoted relationship to the Earth + Spirit.

* These readings are offered as one-on-one connections.
* Please come prepared with your questions/intentions.
* Feel welcome to contribute any sacred object(s) in offering to the altar/guides.



with Sarah Caven

Reiki is an energy healing modality that promotes the flow of universal energy. It originates from Japan, with roots in Buddhism, Shintoism, and Shugendō

Reiki provides a subtle energy healing experience, unique to each person. It can promote relaxation, bring you into greater alignment with your authentic self, deepen your intuition, and bring clarity.

Each 90 minute session comprises of a gentle, hands-on energy healing experience. There will be an invitation to set an intention at the beginning of the session and, if its your first time, an introduction to Reiki will be provided and any questions or curiosities you may have can be covered.



with Amanda Barcellos

Amanda is a trauma-informed yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Reiki master with focus on nervous system regulation, breath and energy work.



with Teresa Campbell

All of Teresa's offerings are inclusive, consent driven & gender affirming.


A sacred, Collaborative and consent focused approach to bodywork massage means there is sacred tending/care to your body, mind and spirit. Intentions are spoken, cards are pulled and collaborative bodywork massage where Teresa guides you in breath work and visualization during the session.

This integrative bodywork is a combination  of deep tissue, deep Swedish, fascial work, relaxation, Ayurvedic head massage and joint release with space to emotionally,

Physically and spiritually release and recalibrate.

Teresa is a Certified Body Work Therapist with a passion for creating inclusive, affirming, safer and sacred spaces for all folks to unfold and be seen.


A Reclamation session inclusive to all folks. Teresa creates reverent space for your raw womb truths to be heard, held and validated.

We liberate body and spirit with a combination of womb massage, heart/chest massage, womb energy work, rebozo rituals, grief support and sound healing. 

For any womb related journeys and traumas, dense or congested energies to be attended to and liberated. 

*infertility, sexual trauma, birth trauma, abortions, menopause and menstruation journeys, hysterectomy, grief journeys,  IUDs in or out, STDs, fertility journeys are some examples 


Teresa has been privileged to apprentice and learn with Midwives, womb healers and curanderos  around the world and is humbled and grateful to carry this work for personal and collective liberation. 


A personalized bodywork massage and ritual session to support the vast physical changes of pregnancy, to ease discomfort, to honour the personal emotional and spiritual journey and be nourished deeply. With sound healing and guided breath work relevant to birthing, the focus is dropping into your body’s power and baby’s wisdom and getting out of the head. Teresa is a passionate full spectrum doula of over 20+ years and pre and postnatal yoga therapist. 


Deep integration happens with Nurturing postpartum bodywork massage  and ritual with rebozos as a way for birthers to recalibrate and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, after birth. Ensuring that all the bones, joints, soft tissues and organs have gone back in an optimal position and space to validate and integrate your birth story. Whether the birth was recent or many years ago, healing is possible. Teresa has studied postpartum ritual and massage with midwives throughout central, South America and Italy.


This energy work supports you when you are at a threshold on your life, in a rite of passage significant To you and you are re-imagining your life. This is a collaborative journey to liberate dense energy, find your centre, integrate and reintegrate life experiences.


Sessions are a combination of Guided breath work, sound healing, rebozo work for the nervous system, journeying with instruments like rattles, bells and crystal bowls, sacred songs and visualizations to enter into altered state of consciousness for healing and potent Insights about your life. Teresa’s energy work practices are informed by her Italian medicine ancestry, certifications in energy work, somatic therapy and over 25 years of working with folks in thresholds. 


Teresa brings unparalleled fierce care, love  experience and presence as a certified Grief Walker, Loss and Death Doula. Along with being a yoga therapist and ritual healer, these sessions are the antidote to a grief phobic society. Feel heard, be held and be liberated from the isolation of carrying grief alone. 


Each session is personalized to your specific journey with grief, loss, rage, shock or frozenness.

You will be held, Validated and nurtured with a combination of bodywork and energy work focused on Nervous system support, weighted sandbags, sound healing, and integrating emotions with yoga therapy specific to your grief journey. 

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with Wendy Issa

Energy Breathwork was developed circa 2016 after years of studying and working under the mentorship of amazing teachers. Energy Breathwork is a hybrid method of Clarity Breathwork practices, Thai Bodywork, and an Intuitive Approach to the behavior of the Chakras (Energy Wheels).

Sessions are 90-minute long of somatic experience session is divided into three parts:

  • Background work

  • Bodywork and Breathwork

  • Self-work and Accountability

You will be guided and supported during the entire time we shared breathing and discussing the different past or current life situations. After our time together, you receive a PDF with the highlights of the session, the next steps until we meet again, and accountability check-in between sessions. We work through breaking down the archetypes, patterns, old habits, and traumas that are coming to the surface and possibly preventing you to move forward and freely to your full potential.

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